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The Dewdney Trunk Trail is a historic pack trail that once stretched from Hope to Fort Steele. Originally constructed in 1865 by Edgar Dewdney the trail was soon replaced by more trains and modern transportation routes. Between Christina Lake annd the Rossland portions of this historic pack trail have been restored. The West Dewdney Trail begins off of Santa Rosa Road near Christina Lake and follows a mix of trails and logging roads as it climbs past the former Trout Creek Recreation Site and the santa Rosa Summit to the Santa Rosa Recreation Site. This trail is about 26km (15.9 miles) long, but private lands, logging and powerline clearing have virtually eliminated the middle section of the trail. Mountain bikers are advised to climb via the Old Cascade Highway. The East Dewdney Trail is 17km long and offers its share of great views as it drops down to highway 22 south of Rossland, part of which serves as a popular local mountain bike trail and a 5.4km extension to the popular Seven Summits Trail. A Third portion of this trail ca nbe found starting at the suspension bridge at the Summit Creek Campground (Map 4/F5). This 5km portion takes travellers to Williams Creek Falls. The last section of trail that can still be followed is found north east of fort Steele at the old Fisherville townsite (Map 15/F4). Look forthe sign off the Wildhorse River Road. Back in 1865, this was a booming mining town of 8000 people.