Gong Meditation

Detailed Information

The Kootenay Sound Healing Centre has over 17 gongs on site!  They are 24″ to 38″ large. The Paiste planetary gongs are tuned to the orbital frequencies of the Earth, Moon, Sun and other planets

Paiste planetary gongs set the stage for this therapeutic sound healing meditation. Their rich overtones and undertones send waves of vibrations through the air. Unpredictable, without a regular pattern of beats, the mind is unable to track, or hold on to control and has to surrender into this world of sound.  Relax and listen to these cosmic tones as they penetrate deeply into the body, releasing blockages and restoring balance. These tones are familiar and promote a sense of coming home, a returning to the cosmic sea, to that place of oneness, when there was no separation. It is from here that deep healing occurs on all levels.

We provide private and group gong meditations, call the centre to book, 250-225-3518

Date Established
Price Range
$26.00 to $100.00