Why Local Transportation Solutions?

“People need to get out of their cars. As the price of gas goes up and the climate crisis gets worse- it is inevitable, we need to start now to build alternatives to the largest greenhouse gas contributor- individual cars”. Peter Luckham, chairperson of the Islands Trust which just declared a climate emergency, made this […]

How do you improve the local economy?

Within every community are members who care about the wellbeing of the business community and the local economy. They are willing to share their gifts and time as volunteers on community initiatives. Is this you or someone you know? We are very lucky in Area A (Riondel to Wynndel) to have an Economic Development Commission […]

See your neighbours in action!

Here is an inspiring message for strengthening our community: Opportunities for Action from Westword Communications Inc. on Vimeo. This short video based on the Opportunities for Action event in March was part of the Asset-Based Rural Development project by the Economic Development Commission, Area A, and partners. At this event residents from eight communities in […]

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