Diane Trudel

Vignettes of human interaction and portraying the spirit therein is what Diane Trudel seeks to capture at the core of her work. The emotional entity is the focus of her creative exploration – the tenderness and tenacity of humans, the flora and fauna of the natural world, and the shapes and shades of forever shifting landscapes. Such intangible moments of human interaction are her paint, and the shapes and shades of the earth her canvas. She is absorbed with texture and transparency. Her preferred self-developed technique is based on layerings of acrylic washes and infusions of mixed media that result in rich and luminous depth of colour. In her travels, she is often inspired by the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community and their way of life. Capturing the visual impression of the moment in relation to the shifting effect of light and color, her distinctive style can be defined as ‘folkloric impressionist’. The haunting beauty of the natural world is the well of her inspiration, and her travels to exotic environments enhance the colours of her visual palette.


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