How do you improve the local economy?

Within every community are members who care about the wellbeing of the business community and the local economy. They are willing to share their gifts and time as volunteers on community initiatives. Is this you or someone you know?

We are very lucky in Area A (Riondel to Wynndel) to have an Economic Development Commission (EDC) with seats for 12 members and committees compared to other districts. This EDC’s influence and capacity is substantial when you consider that the commission prepares and submits an annual budget to the RDCK for consideration and approval (By-Law No. 587, 4.). Its duties and responsibilities can include the following types of programs and activities (By-Law 587 6.):
• Preparation of economic data, analyses, policies and recommendations within the context of the economic growth objectives of the Electoral Area “A”
• Identification of viable economic opportunities and existing constraints to development
• Promotion and marketing of economic opportunities
• The maximum utilization of financial and employment programs designed to facilitate economic development
• Such other matters as the Commission considers relevant to the promotion and encouragement of economic development within Electoral Area A

The EDC meets the first Tuesday of the month at 2pm in the Boswell Hall. Most recently Area A EDC Commission’s goal is to attract and retain residents, businesses, and visitors. EDC has been helping to improve community relations throughout Area A and with the Creston Valley. EDC has hosted community outreach events, supported many local initiatives, partnered on tourism programs, researched and compiled community asset data, created an informative community directory called East Shore Life and initiated a Build East Shore Tourism project. But there is still much more that can be accomplished. We have had discussions on topics such as improved cellular and Internet services, transportation improvements, affordable housing, and improvements in public lake access.

What the EDC is able to accomplish is in direct correlation to the degree of interest community members have to participate and contribute on the Commission. We have room for those who would love to help out.

Please call Debby Johnson at 250-866-5657 for more information.

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