The East Shore of Kootenay Lake’s slight isolation makes it the perfect place to unplug from the hectic pace of life and benefit from one or all of these unique well being experiences.

1) Yasodhara Ashram

2) Kootenay Sound Healing Center

3) Registered Master Herbal Therapist

4) Pure Bliss Ayurvedic Cleanse

5) Breath Practitioner & Systemic Constellation Facilitation


*Bonus Experience!!!
Ainsworth Hot Springs

Highway 3A is part of the official ‘Hot Springs Route’. Just a short
free ferry ride to Balfour BC on the West Shore of Kootenay Lake and then only 20 min north.

The hot springs were first visited by the Ktunaxa First Nations
peoples who experienced the waters as a welcome respite after a long
day of hunting, fishing, and gathering roots and berries in what is
now known as the Kootenay region. Today the property is owned by Yaqan
Nukiy, the Lower Kootenay Band of Creston, BC, returning the Ktunaxa
peoples to this significant land so that they may share their
appreciation with others.