About Area A

The East Shore of Kootenay Lake (Area A of the Regional District of Central Kootenay) is resplendent in natural beauty, clean air and water and diverse lifestyles. The people who comprise the region are artisans, craftspeople, trades people, tourist-based business people, entrepreneurs and outdoors enthusiasts. The stretch of highway which curves gently along a lake road, banked on one side by raw land and rock walls, reflects the nature of the people. Side roads glide off of Highway 3A, leading to homes built on the hills and among the trees, crafted by people who care about their environment and seek privacy and peace in their neighborhoods.

Upon arrival to the East Shore from the West, travelers disembark from the “longest free ferry ride in the world” into Kootenay Bay. Kootenay Bay and Pilot Bay boast several businesses and restaurants and a happy community neighborhood.

A little up the road, we can take a left and travel north to Riondel, a retirement town about ten kilometers away which has a bustling community centre, curling rink, senior’s centre, thriving general store and neighborhood pub/restaurant as well as many other amenities and businesses.

If we choose to continue south rather than going to Riondel, the next community we’ll visit is Crawford Bay. Crawford Bay boasts the most concentrated number of local businesses, particularly artisans. A long straight stretch through “downtown” Crawford Bay has over ten artisan businesses, pubs and a general store, not to mention several fantastic restaurants to stop and get a bite to eat.

A little further south finds us in Gray Creek, home of two general stores and several other businesses and a community steeped in rich history.

Past Gray Creek, we arrive in Boswell, a community-centered township that stretches for many kilometers and presents some of the loveliest lake view properties around.

Beyond Boswell are the communities of Sirdar/Lakeview/Wynndel, also home to many artisans, practical and beautiful properties and businesses and within a stone’s throw of Creston, our closest larger centre to the south.

Most northerly East Shore residents use Nelson as their primary business and shopping centre and are well-used to the ferry ride and commute to town on a weekly basis.

Our region offers an all season recreation haven including mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, sailing, hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing, and access to the Trans Canada Trail, two golf courses, including 18-hole championship course, historic buildings and rich local histories, five community halls hosting regular community events, safe, family-friendly communities with over 110 km of lake access providing countless beautiful, sandy beaches, an enviable micro-climate and happy residents. We have health and wellness groups and organizations, a medical centre and a very active sports-oriented community. Our water is clean, our vision is clear, and our opportunities are endless.

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