Trails of the East Shore

Pilot Bay Lighthouse and Trail

This short trail leads to a historic lighthouse build in 19904. Turn south on Pilot Bay Road from the Kootenay Bay ferry landing until you reach the parking area. It is a 10-15 minute walk through mossy forest leading to outstanding views of the lake.

Pilot Bay Peninsula Trail

Offering access to Pilot Bay Marine Park, with campsites, picnic tables, fire pits and outhouses. The 12km trail is a pleasant forest walk, keeping within sight of the lake, taking about 2.5 hours to reach the final beach.

Crawford Bay Wetlands Trails

From Peters Road/Highway 3A corner, travel 350 meters to the beginning of the trail at the first corner. West of the beach and airstrip are the wetlands. A walking trail from the airstrip takes you trough a natural reserve and waterway teeming with waterfowl and wildlife.

Woodlot and Fraser Hill Viewpoint Trails

Easily accessible from Crawford Bay, this trail offers many beautiful viewpoints including a view of Kokanee Glacier to the West across the lake.

Kokanee Springs Resort – Loops and Bridges Trail

Surrounding the Kokanee properties and golf course are 10 kilometres of maintained trails including Little Big Bend Loop, Big Bend Loop, and Creeks and Bridges Loop.

Trans Canada Trail “Off Hwy” Between Crawford Bay and Gray Creek

The East Shore segment of the Trans Canada Trail begins in Kootenay Bay and goes east to Crawford Bay. Off highway segment begins 1km south of Crawford Bay, continues to Gray Creek. From there, the route continues east over the Gray Creek Pass.

Lockhart Beach and Lockhart Creek Provincial Park

The park and Lockhart Creek Provincial Park extend from Kootenay Lake to the headwaters of Lockhart Creek. An 18-site campground and day-use area is located near the beach. The Lockhart Creek Provincial Park has a hiking trail that follows the north side of Lockhart Creek.

Drewry Point Provincial Park

This inland marine park lies at the foot of the eastern slopes of the Selkirk Mountains Nelson Range. Located 36 km south of Balfour on the west shore of Kootenay Lake, this park provides protected moorage in both the north and south bays making it easy to get out of the wind. Its secluded sand beaches and picnic area provide a scenic place for a relaxing visit.

Kootenay Lake – Midge Creek Provincial Park

Access to the park at Midge Creek is via water vessel. Water-oriented activities are most popular, with angling for Kokanee, Dolly Varden and Rainbow Trout. With more than a kilometre of beach, it is a popular destination for boaters.

Oliver Lake

This is a small site located in a scenic alpine with a shallow lake. There is a short trail on the East side of the lake. Access can also be gained to the surrounding ridges. Be sure to enjoy the rock built trail which takes you around the lake. Access by taking Gray Creek Pass FSR 15km.

Haystack Mountain

Access via Sanca Creek Rd, 17.6km gravel road from Hwy 3A to trailhead. Easy to the small marshy but scenic lakes below Haystack. Moderate to challenging to the top.

The Sphinx

Access by driving 7km up Gray Creek Pass FSR and smaller logging road. You will reach the pass after 2hrs moderate hiking, go left over little bridge. 3.5 hrs moderate hiking time to summit.

Mt. Loki

Portman Creek Rd access to parking waypoint. Steep trailhead gaining 2000 feet in first .8km. Then choice on how to access summit. No bushwacking, no technical areas, amazing views and decent access.

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