Wooden Shoe Lake Trail and Rec Site

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Sanca, Boswell, BC V0B 2N2
Detailed Information

The once beautiful sub-alpine lake was ravaged by fire in 2003. It is still possible to hike in to camp and enjoy the sandy beaches. Anglers can find stocked cutthroat trout here.

  • Site Description: This short easy 0.7 km trail leads to a beautiful sub-alpine lake. The lake has fine sand beaches at low water, making it unique in the area. The site offers primitive camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, and nature study opportunities.
  • Driving Directions: Turn onto the Sanca Creek Road just south of the community of Sanca. Follow the main road for 10.0 km then turn right onto the Sanca/Eastfork road. Stay on this road to 10.5 km, then turn right onto the Sanca/Southfork road. Continue on this road, taking a left at 12.5 km, a left at 15.6km, a right at 17.0 km, a right at 17.8 km, a left at 18.7 km, a left at 21.4 km, and turn left into the parking area at 22.0 km.