Tye Creek Rec Site

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British Columbia 3A, Kuskonook, BC V0B 1A2
Detailed Information
  • Site Description: Tye Creek is a medium-sized beach site on the west shore of Kootenay Lake. This site is adjacent to private land so please respect private land owners and contain activities to the designated beaches and water. This site is very popular in the summer season for camping, fishing, swimming and other beach activities.
  • Driving Directions: Access to this site is by boat, although local landowners have private road access. Unless prior permission granted from these land owners, only access to this site is by boat only. If Boswell is assumed to be at Position 116� 45′ 43″ W 49� 27′ 11″ N and Tye Creek Beach at Position 116� 46′ 56″ W 49� 19′ 33″ N, then from Boswell to Tye Creek Beach would be a distance of about 14.2 km on a True Course 186.0�.

Accessible by boat, find hidden and surprise beaches and campsites on Kootenay Lake.

For more information visit the Kuskanook Harbour website.

Coordinates: 49° 19.650’N, 116° 47.100’W


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