See your neighbours in action!

Here is an inspiring message for strengthening our community:

Opportunities for Action from Westword Communications Inc. on Vimeo.

This short video based on the Opportunities for Action event in March was part of the Asset-Based Rural Development project by the Economic Development Commission, Area A, and partners.

At this event residents from eight communities in Area A appreciate our many assets and share some of the exciting new initiatives underway, and our regional partner groups talk about the funding and organizational supports available to Area A residents.

Note: see below the video where you can fast forward the film as desired, the whole video is around 45 minutes long. Don’t miss the ending song where a group of young people from the Tamarack Institute in Waterloo, Ontario express an intention of the event- deepening community.

Big thanks to all who participated, in particular, the speakers, and thanks to Mark Wolfe and Kerry McArthur for filming and editing the video. Thanks to Rural Development Institute, CBT, Area A EDC and Community Connections for your support.

Laverne Booth
Coordinator of the ABRD project

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