Books and Writers of the East Shore

*FR (Frances Roback) provided details

Affleck, Edward L.

Kootenay Pathfinders: Settlement in the Kootenay District 1885 – 1920 (Vancouver: Alexander Nicolls Press, 1976) *Includes Boswell memories by Jessie Hepher; details on Kootenay Lake sternwheelers, events chronology, etc – FR

Sternwheelers, Sandbars and Switchbacks: A Chronicle of Steam Transportation in the British Columbia Waterways of the Columbia River System, 1865 to 1965 (Vancouver: Alexander Nicolls Press, 1973) *Includes the memories of Kootenay steamboat captain Otto L. Estabrooks -FR

Armstrong, Luanne

A Bright and Steady Flame Memoir, Caitlin Press, 2018

Sand: young adult, Ronsdale Press 2017

Morven and the Horse Clan: young adult, Great Plains Publications, Fall, 2013.

I’ll Be Home Soon, Ronsdale Press, Fall 2012

The Light Through the Trees, Reflections on Land and Farming, Caitlin Press, Fall, 2012

Water and Light, poetry chapbook, Fall 2011.

Pete’s Gold, a young adult novel, published by Ronsdale Press in Fall 2008

Blue Valleys: An Ecological Memoir, published by Maa Press, September , 2007

Breathing The Mountain, poetry chapbook, published by Leaf Books in May 2003.

Into the Sun, a young adult novel published by Hodgepog books in October, 2002

The Bone House, a novel, published by New Star Books in November 2002

Jeannie and the Gentle Giants, A young adult novel, published by Ronsdale Press in October, 2001.

Breathing the Mountain, (poetry) Leaf Books, 2001

Maggie and Shine, a young adult novel, published by Hodgepog Books, Edmonton, AB, September, 1999

The Colour of Water, a novel, published by Caitlin Press, Prince George BC, September 1998

Bordering, a novel, Gynergy Books, an imprint of Ragweed Press, PEI, September, 1995

Arly and Spike, a children’s novel, Hodgepog Press, Edmonton, AB, September 1997 (a Canadian Children’s Book Centre Our Choice selection)

The Woman in the Garden, poetry chapbook, Peachtree Press, December, 1996

Annie, a novel, Polestar Press, Vancouver BC, April, 1995 (a Canadian Children’s Book Centre Our Choice Selection) Also published in Germany by Beltz & Gelberg.

Castle Mountain, (poetry) Polestar Press, Nelson BC 1981, re-issued by Polestar in February 2002.


The Purcell Suite: May 2007 published by Maa Press

Slice me Some Truth, with Zoe Landale , Wolsak and Wynn


No Marginsedited by Catherine Lake, Insomniac Press, 2006

Body Breakdowns: edited by Janis Harper, Anvil Press, Vancouver BC 2008

Double Lives: Writing and Motherhood, edited by Shannon Cowan and Fiona LamMcGill-Queen’s University Press 2008 (in press)

Country Roads, edited by Pam Chamberlain, Red Deer Press, Nimbus Publishing

The Federation of BC Writers Anthology, edited by Daniel Francis 2008

Country Roads: edited by Pamela Banting 2006

Bach, Marcus

Let Life Be Like This (Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice Hall, Inc., 1963) *Includes a tribute to Bach’s friend George Oliver of Gray Creek – FR

Bath, Amanda

Disaster in Paradise:  The Landslides in Johnson’s Landing (Madeira Park, BC:  Harbour Publishing 2015)

Boswell Beginnings:  A History of Boswell, B.C. and Area up to 1950 (Boswell, BC:  Boswell Ladies Club, 1986)

Brant, Leonard Corwin

Kootenai Indians of the Columbia Plateau: A Gathering of History, Ethnography, and Sources       [Ktunaxa] (Post Falls, ID:  Northwest Research and Publications, 2015)

Bruce, Alice (Lymbery)

Kootenay Sketchbook 1920, with Drawings from the Sketchbook of Kathleen Lymbery, 1891 –      1974 (Winlaw, BC:  Pigweed Press, 1981) *Art and writing by Gray Creek’s Kathleen Lymbery and Alice (Lymbery) Bruce

Burt, Ellen

What Forever Feels Like:  A Memoir of Johnsons Landing (published by the author, 2018)

Butling, Pauline

The Deanshaven Story:  How to Float a Grand Piano and Other Necessities of Invention (published by the author, 2013) *The Deane family and their historic property south of Riondel – FR

Chapman, Peter

Where the Lardeau River Flows (Victoria:  Sound Heritage Series No. 32, 1981) *Includes interviews with Argenta residents – FR

Clark, Catherine Anthony (using pen name Catherine Armsmith)

Fairy Tales of Kootenay (London, Engl.: Arthur H. Stockwell Ltd. [1929])

Clark, Catherine Anthony

The Golden Pine Cone (Toronto: Macmillan, 1950)

The Sun Horse (Toronto: Macmillan, 1951)

The One-Winged Dragon (Toronto: Macmillan, 1955)

The Silver Man (Toronto: Macmillan, 1958)

The Diamond Feather, or The Door in the Mountain: A Magic Tale for Children (Toronto: Macmillan, 1962)

The Man with the Yellow Eyes (Toronto: Macmillan 1963)

The Hunter and the Medicine Man (Toronto: Macmillan 1966) *Gray Creek’s award-winning children’s author modeled several of her books on local East Shore settings such as Crawford Bay (The Sun Horse) and Gray Creek (The Golden Pine Cone) – FR

Dorothy’s Stormy Lake, From the Journal of Dorothy Brown [Part I and II], compiled by Joan Wooliver (published 2000 & 2003)

Dorothy’s Stormy Lake, From the Journal of Dorothy Graham Brown [Part III, IV & V], edited by Brenda Dau (published 2008, 2009 & 2012) *Five-volume series chronicling life at Walker’s Landing south of Riondel (now Yasodhara Ashram) and elsewhere on the East Shore from 1930 to 1966 – FR

Fraser, William

Four Score and More:  Pioneer Life in the Kootenays (published by the author, 1982)

Vintage Vignettes, Here and There – Retrospections Over Eighty-eight Years, Travel and Other Memories (Nelson, BC:  Nelson Daily News, [ca. 1985] *Two – volume memoir of a pioneering Crawford Bay farmer and entrepreneur, his family, and neighbouring East Shore communities – FR

Harvey, R.G.

Carving the Western Path:  Routes To Remember (Surrey, BC:  Heritage House, 2006) *Includes East Shore roads, road-building, and Kootenay Lake ferries – FR

Hodgson, Maurice

The Squire of Kootenay West:  A Biography of Bert Herridge (Saanichton, BC:  Hancock House, 1976) *During his lengthy term as CCF/NDP MP for Kootenay West, Herridge was a tireless, outspoken advocate for his East Shore constituents. – FR

Hulland, Susan

Eastshore Visitors’ Guide, Including the Communities of Wynndel, Boswell, Gray Creek, Crawford Bay & Riondel (Crawford Bay:  Summit Press, 1989)

The History of Pilot Bay Lighthouse on Kootenay Lake (published by the author, 1997)  

Shipwreck on Kootenay Lake:  The Story of the S.S. City of Ainsworth (published by the author, 2000)  

Hulland, Susan & Turner, A. Terry

Remember When:  Celebrating 100 Years of Crawford Bay on Kootenay Lake, British Columbia (published by the authors, 2004)

Johnson, Dean, Christina

The Life and Art of Ina D. D. Uhthoff (Salt Spring Island, BC:  Mother Tongue Publishing, 2012) *Includes Ina’s married life on a Crawford Bay homestead before pursuing an artist’s and art educator’s career in Victoria – FR

Lymbery, Tom

Tom’s Gray Creek, A Kootenay Lake Memoir. Part I: Early Years to 1945, edited by Frances Roback (Gray Creek, BC: Gray Creek Publishing, 2013; reprinted 2014)

Lymbery, Tom w/ Roback, Frances

Tom’s Gray Creek, A Kootenay Lake Memoir. Part II: Years of Change, 1946 to 1980, edited by Frances Roback (Gray Creek, BC: Gray Creek Publishing, 2016) *Two-volume memoir by veteran Gray Creek storyteller and local history writer Tom Lymbery on living, working, community, and transformation of Gray Creek and the East Shore from roadless isolation, to hub central for all BC travelers, to recent times – a span of 70 years. – FR

McDonald, J.D & Deane, Richie

The Span:  The Bizarre Story of the Kootenay Lake Crossing (Rossland, BC:  Rossland Historical Museum & Archives Association, 2001) *Bringing electric power to the East Shore and beyond by means of an ingeniously-engineered two-mile span across Kootenay Lake – the longest span in the world at the time – FR

Nesteroff, Greg

Kootenay Pioneers (Nelson, BC:  Nelson Star, 2013; reprinted from Greg Nesteroff’s “Kootenay   Pioneers” series in Nelson Star in 2012) *Includes profiles of East Shore locals and others with deep connections to the East Shore: Mary Carne, Earle Cutler, Eric & Peggy Denny, Ray Johnson, Bert Learmonth, Tom Lymbery, John Oliver, Betty Tillotson -FR

Paterson, Bruce

Kootenay Cameos:  Tales of the West Kootenays (published by the author [2014?])

Kootenay Cameos:  Tales of the West Kootenays, Volume 2 (published by the author, 2015) *Two-volume series of pictures and stories including several East Shore sites: Wedgwood Manor,  Kootenay Landing, Gray Creek’s plane trees, Harrison Memorial Community Church, Wall mine, Akokli Creek flume; and Gray Creek’s Henry Rose memorial shelter – FR

Pennell, Bill

Early Exposures:  A Photographic Memoir. (Victoria:  Friesen Press, 2017) *Includes photos and memories of Gray Creek in the 1970s – FR

Saso, Paul

Kootenay Inspired:  Stories and Photos of Extraordinary Kootenay Lives (Nelson, BC:  Spark Books, 2017) *Includes Luanne Armstrong, East Shore author, editor, and mentor to a host of local writers – FR

Schwieger, Janet – ed

Fishes and Wishes and Fruit:  1915 Diary of H. Colin Haddon, (Gray Creek, BC:  Gray Creek  Historical Society, 2005) *Diaries and writings of Colin Haddon, Gray Creek homesteader, road worker, sternwheeler deck hand, magazine columnist and story author in Rod & Gun in Canada – FR

Scott, Wendy M.E – ed

A Recollection of Memories:  Riondel 1907 – 2007 (Riondel, BC: published by the author, 2007)

Tillotson, Betty – ed

Skills for Simple Living:  How-to Letters from the Home Front for Tomorrow’s World (Vancouver: Hartley & Marks, Ltd., 1991) *Compiled from 20 years of the Argenta magazine, The Smallholder sharing readers’ views and innovative solutions to rural living in the Kootenays, and to living lightly on the earth – FR

Trevelyan, Katharine

Unharboured Heaths (London, Eng.:  Selwyn and Blount Ltd, 1934) *Includes Katharine’s memories of her 1931 stay in Gray Creek with the Lymberys – FR

Turner, A. Terry

Bluebell Memories: A Pictorial History of the Bluebell Mine, Riondel, B.C. (Riondel, BC:  The Riondel Historical Society, 1997)

More Than a Memory:  Riondel, British Columbia, 1907 – 2007 (Riondel, BC:  The Riondel Centennial Celebration Committee, 2008)

Turner, A. Terry & Hulland, Susan

Impressions of the Past:  The Early History of the Communities of Crawford Bay, Gray Creek, Kootenay Bay, Pilot Bay and Riondel on the East Shore of Kootenay Lake, British Columbia (Riondel, BC:  Riondel and Area Historical Society, 2002)

Turner, Robert D.

Sternwheelers and Steam Tugs:  An Illustrated History of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s British Columbia Lake and River Service (Victoria:  Sono Nis Press, 1984) *Includes a detailed account of Kootenay Lake’s sternwheelers which served the East Shore – FR

The S.S. Moyie:  Memories of the Oldest Sternwheeler (Victoria:  Sono Nis Press, 1991)

Turner – High, Harry Holber

Ethnography of the Kutenai [Ktunaxa] (Fairfield, WA: Ye Galleon Press, 1998; reprinted from Memoirs of the American Anthropological Association no. 56, 1941)

Wagon Train Over The Monashee, as told by Edward Patterson, written by Doug Cox and Elizabeth Pryce (Penticton, BC: Skookum Publications, 1988)*Patterson’s memoir of the caravan trek from Alberta to northern BC in 1933 with 250 head of horses, including travelling up the East Shore to Gray Creek and crossing Kootenay Lake – FR

Watson, Alf

No Pass Too High, No Trail Too Long:  The Epic Story of the 1st Chapman Camp Scout Group’s Historic Hike Over the Rugged East and West Kootenays in 1927 (Victoria:  Malcolm C. Watson, 1997) *Chronicling the young scouts’ 300 mile journey in 1927 by boat, train, packhorse and on foot from Chapman Camp (north of Marysville), across Rose Pass to Kootenay Lake, Kaslo, New Denver, across Kokanee Glacier Park, down Kootenay Lake to Kootenay Landing, and return – FR

Wah, Fred

The Diamond Grill , NeWest Press (first published 1996)

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